The passion to do world things is embedded in our people despite the small size of our country. The Czech glassmakers, Prague architects or Jaromir Jagr did it before us.

SOMA was born thanks to the willingness and great commitment of everyone at its inception. The desire to succeed is deep rooted and is in our DNA. We know what it is to develop, produce, sell and service valuable machines in the face of tough competition and we also know that success would not be possible without hard work and sacrifices.

We believe in being there for our customers to give them the competitive edge over their competitors and win orders. We listen to what our customers say, while at the same time looking for ways to help them to meet industry challenges. The results and achievements of our customers justify our efforts and spur us on.

It is of no consequence how difficult and uncomfortable the way forward was or will be. We believe in a world where hard work pays off.

We are SOMA and we are proud of it.