Venus III Turret

Venus III Turret

The new four shaft system is aimed at larger printing and converting companies needing multiple slitting of medium diameter rolls with the highest level of automation and productivity. Efficiencies include reduced down times through fast job changes and an overhead web path design that lends itself to clean room environments in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food packaging industries.

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This top class slitter rewinder is designed for multi-slit and mid-range roll diameter jobs with automatic roll and new core changeover. Offering high value in use, option customizability, high operator comfort with a compact design.

Key Features

  • Slitter typeover head web path
  • Web width53.1 / 63 / 72.8"
  • Speed2625 fpm
  • Min. web width11.8"
  • Min. slit width1.4 / 1" option
  • Unwind Roll diameter51.2 / 59"
  • Unwind Roll weight3307 / 4402 lbs
Width143.3 / 153.1 / 163" Length218" Height94"

Detailed parameters

  • Rewind roll diameter25"
  • Core diameter76.2 / 152.4 mm
  • Rewind shaft max. load882 lbs
  • Unwind roll systemshaftless
  • Unwind roll brakeAC servomotor
  • Hydraulic roll loading systemyes
  • Unwind tension controlAC servomotor + dancer roller
  • Web guiding systemdigital
  • Slittingrotary knifes / razor blades
  • Slitting techniqueswrap around female knife / tangential
  • Rewind tension controltensometric roller + friction ring technology
  • Min. rewind tensionfrom 50 N/m
  • Max. rewind tensionapprox. 750 N
  • Strip holderstwo at rewind
  • Banana rollerdriven and adjustable
  • Web adjustment rollertwo at rewind
  • Eccentric rolleradjustable angle
  • Guiding rollerslight aluminium with cork cover
  • Controltouch screens, Mitsubishi PLC
  • Remote communicationmodem
  • Machine weight28 000 – 30 424 lbs
  • System recipesyes


  • Paper17 – 200 gsm
  • PP, PET0.0004 – 0.0024"
  • LDPE0.0008 – 0.0079"
  • HDPE0.0005 – 0.0024"
  • Film laminatepaper + Al (+film) …
  • Productivity and efficiency

    • Unbeatable machine parameters

      A new innovative generation of VENUS III Turret slitter rewinders is characterised by an excellent price to quality ratio and offering unbeatable parameters in a top range of models with high added value. Rigid construction guarantees maximum mechanical speed of 800 m/min, max. rewind diameter 635 mm, max. unwind diameter 1,500 mm with max. roll weight 2,000 kg and min. slit width 25 mm. The VENUS III Turret slitter is available in 1,350 / 1,600 / 1,850 mm width versions.

    • Wide range of substrates

      Rigid construction, precise tension control system with closed loop, AC servo motors and a gamut of unwind and rewind tensions guarantee excellent processing on a wide range of materials including PP and PET from 8 microns, HDPE from 12 microns, LDPE from 20 microns and paper from 17 gsm.

    • Slitting techniques

      A variable knife shaft section permits tangential slitting with lower and upper rotary knives or with razor blades against grooved segment. For more difficult thin substrates it is possible to choose wrap around female knife slitting with rotary knives.

    • Carousel system for rewinding shaft change over after the end of rewinding cycle

      The Venus III Turret benefits from two additional rewind shafts with each pair located on an independent rotary carousel for a smoother operation during job change-over.

    • Rotary support system for locking the unsupported ends of rewinding shafts during its change  over

      The unique design of the rotary support arms for each rewinding shaft during change-over permits heavy reels to be handled without the risk of overloading the rewind shafts.

    • Automatic tape application unit

      Automatic tape application unit is designed for a reliable tapping of the ends of rewind reels and/or for splicing of slit web strips with cores at automatic rewinding shaft change over without any operator´s assistance.

    • Servo drives

      An optimised solution with four AC servo motors and low energy consumption.The system includes main motor drives, drive and lay-on rollers, knife shafts and banana roller. An unwind AC servo motor in combination with a dance roller control tension and react to deviations in the material by braking or driving the parent roll. The third and the fourth AC servomotor drives both rewind shafts on every single carousel.

  • Operator comfort

    • Shaft-less unwinding

      Shaft-less unwind with pneumatic chucks in combination with integrated roll loading through hydraulic tilting arms ensure easy roll handling and offer high efficiency and operator comfort during job exchange.

    • Splicing table

      A vacuum splicing table with two pneumatic holders and back-lit desk enables easy and precise web splicing and makes for higher efficiency during job exchange.

    • Automatic knife/blade positioning

      Automatic knife / blade positioning system ensures quick, precise and easy setting and reduces time during job changeovers (20 pairs of knives in less than 120 sec). This system is ideally combined with automatic laser core guiding.

    • Automatic laser core guiding

      Automatic laser core guiding enables precise and very quick core setting for new jobs. The system uses common data with the automatic knife positioning system and provides an efficient solution for quick job exchange.

    • Unloading mechanism

      An unloading mechanism assists with heavy slit roll handling and increases efficency during the working cycle. An unloading arm delivers the finished slit rolls to a rotary stand. The hydraulic tilting rods are able to rotate in a horizontal or vertical direction.

    • Recipe system

      All machines are equipped with recipe system for storing of all working parameters as standard. Speed, tension, lay-on pressure, knife / blade setting and laser core guiding position information is stored in a touch screen display memory.

    • Automatic cross slitting

      Automatic cross slitting ensures quality and safety with greater operator comfort and conversion of a larger number of finished reels. Combined with laser guiding and strip holders the system holds the web in place and permits a faster and more efficient work cycle and high quality slit rolls.

  • Roll quality

    • Tenzomat II tension control

      The Tenzomat II tension control system enables precise unwind and rewind tension control during the whole operating cycle in a closed loop. Deviation in unwind web tension from the required value is detected by a change of dance roller position. A control unit increases or decreases the braking effect of the AC servomotor prior to any effect on slitting quality. An advanced PID control system manages the slitting process of very thin and difficult substrates. Precise rewind tension control through PLC and tenso-meters measures real tension value at every moment of the operating cycle. These values are compared through software with pre-set tension value (calculated by internal algorithm) and any detected tension deviations are corrected by air pressure change under friction tapes in the rewind shafts. The friction force is converted by friction rings to tension in slit web strips. The friction rings guarantee precise distribution of the total tension to the web strips. The tension is calculated in kg per 1 meter of web width and converted via software according to taper curve with respect to the actual rewind diameter.

    • Banana roller

      An adjustable angle, driven banana roller with hard grooved segments is positioned before the lower knife shaft and significantly increases slit quality on poor substrates.

    • Eccentric roller

      An adjustable angle eccentric roller ensures web laying on the lower knife shaft during slitting of wrinkled material and improves slit quality.

    • Adjustable angle roller

      An adjustable guiding roller laterally balances the web and contributes to higher quality output during slitting from conical or low quality parent rolls.

    • Lay-on rollers

      Lay-on rubber rollers on tilting arms are fixed on a rod with spring-loaded segments ensuring perfect contact between lay-on roller and finished reel. For each rewinding shaft it is possible to set and automatically control tension according to finished reel width and diameter ensuring high quality rewinding.

    • Strip holders

      Strip holders hold the web in place and maintain the tension in slit strips during machine stop. Holders are automatically activated and deactivated with machine start-up for greater operator comfort, maximum time of use and higher quality slit rolls.

    • Minimum gap winding

      This rewinding technique is used to eliminate pressure of the lay-on rollers to the slit rolls. The rewound slit strips are precisely guided to ensure high quality roll edges. This type of rewinding is usually used for processing materials such as pressure sensitive, self adhesive, cold seal and special structures.

    • Torque rewinding

      Torque rewinding with pneumatic expanding shafts is an alternative solution to friction ring rewinding. It is mainly used for very narrow slit rolls of high quality materials where friction ring technology is not feasible.

  • Safety and ergonomics

    • Overhead web path

      The overhead web path design on the Venus lll is an innovative feature that permits entry into new market sectors such as pharmaceutical and food packaging where stringent hygiene and clean room standards are in force. The overhead design means that the material web is guided at a sufficient height above floor level to secure clean processing and easy slitter and production area maintenance.

    • Intuitive control

      Touch screen control panels with user friendly interface in the rewind and slitting sections indicate error displays and settings of job parameters. An auxiliary control panel in unwind section with portable control panel for parent roll loading ensures quick and comfortable handling of the input roll.

    • Machine design and ergonomy

      Aesthetic and ergonomic design with high quality surfacing of all machine parts.

    • Safety features

      Machines are designed with maximum emphasis on operator safety. All rotating elements in the slitting section are secured by safety covers and are inaccessible to the operator during the operating cycle. The rewind area is secured by a laser scanner.

    • CE standards

      Machines comply with and meet stringent European safety standards and codes. Operation and operator risk analysis are regularly assessed. Safety design features are updated and new ones added according to actual standards and codes modifications.

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