A wide range of flexible packaging laminates can be produced on the LAMIFLEX series laminating machines.

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A wide range of flexible packaging laminates can be produced on the LAMIFLEX series laminating machines including BOPP, PET, PE LDPE, OPA, Cast films, PP, AL foil or paper using solvent free adhesives.

It avoids solvent emission and eliminates the need for a heated drying tunnel and offers cost effective and cost saving solution, which also benefits the environment.

Key Features

  • Web width850 / 1320 mm
  • Speed400 m/min
  • Roll diameter / weight1000 mm / 1000 kg
  • Lamination typesolventless
  • Min. web width300 mm
Width2750 / 3000 / 3200 / 3400 mm Length6000 mm Height3200 mm

Detailed parameters

  • Max. Coat width840 / 1310 mm
  • Core diameter76.2 / 152.4 mm
  • Rewind tension range20 N – 500 N
  • Unwind tension range20 N – 400 N
  • Unwind / rewind unitsshaftless
  • Unwind / rewind roll brakeAC servomotor
  • Tension control systemthree AC servomotors + four dancer rollers
  • Web guiding systemdigital web guiding system
  • Transfer roller sleeve exchangepneumatic tipping cantilevered system
  • Roller temperature controlthree loop temperature system
  • Glue aerosol removal systemacross whole length of roller
  • Machine drivesAC servo motors
  • ControltouchScreen / Mitsubishi PLC
  • Recipe systemyes
  • Remote communicationmodem, auto diagnostic system
  • Cooling cylinderyes
  • Ionisation barsyes
  • Other accesoriescorona – surface tension treater, glue dosing unit – one or two components


  • Primary materials for adhesive application:
  • BOPP0.012 – 0.08 mm
  • PET0.01 – 0.06 mm
  • PE, LDPE0.03 – 0.20 mm
  • OPA0.012 – 0.06 mm
  • CAST PP0.04 – 0.15 mm
  • CAST PA0.04 – 0.08 mm
  • AL foil0.012 – 0.04 mm
  • Paper30 – 150 gsm
  • Laminatesup to 150 gsm
  • Secondary materials – laminated:
  • BOPP0.012 – 0.08 mm
  • PET0.008 – 0.03 mm
  • PE, LDPE0.02 – 0.20 mm
  • OPA0.012 – 0.06 mm
  • CAST PP0.02 – 0.15 mm
  • CAST PA0.02 – 0.08 mm
  • AL foil0.007 – 0.04 mm
  • Paper30 – 150 gsm
  • Max. material thickness at rewind0.55 mm
  • Max. material thickness at unwind0.30 mm
  • Productivity and efficiency

    • Unbeatable machine parameters

      The new innovative generation of LAMIFLEX E solvent-free laminators is characterised by an excellent price to quality ratio that offers unbeatable value in its class and high added value. Rigid construction ensures a maximum mechanical speed of 400 m/min. The machine is designed for a maximum roll diameter of 1000 mm, a maximum roll weight of 1000 kg and a minimum laminating width of 300 mm. The LAMIFLEX E laminator is available in 850 / 1,100 / 1,350 / 1,500 mm width versions.

    • Wide range of substrates

      Features include rigid construction, precise closed loop tension control, three AC servo motors and four pneumatically controlled dance rollers. A gamet of unwind and rewind tension parameters permit processing of a wide range of substrates including PET from 8 microns, BOPP from 12 microns, AL foil from 7 microns and paper from 30 gsm.

    • Temperature control

      The system maintains roller temperature control in the glue application and lamination units and consists of three loops with individual thermo-controlled units for each. These are adjustable for the required temperature level. The first loop maintains temperature control of the dosing rollers, the second maintains temperature control of the application roller and the third maintains temperature control of the lamination roller. All thermo-controlled rollers are chromed for optimal heat transmission. Through the individually thermo-controlled application roller it is possible to set a higher temperature for glue application on the material than that of the dosing rollers. The glue is more fluid during application on the material and does not set on the dosing rollers because the temperature is lower. Higher quality glue application at higher temperatures enables higher speed running and increases the options for processing a wide range of substrates.

    • Shaft-less unwind and rewind units

      Shaft-less unwind and rewind units enable quick, easy and comfortable roll clamping horizontally. Mechanical clamping cones or pneumatic expanding chucks provide various solution for specific customer needs.


    • Sleeved transfer roller

      The cantilevered sleeved transfer roller enables very quick and easy on-board sleeve exchange. The unique simple roller housing system requires lower pressure for sleeve exchange than a cone housing system. The use of sleeves offer significant cost savings as they are cheaper than rubber rollers and are easier to store and handle. The very rigid design of the 159mm diameter transfer roller permits minimal glue application and in combination with a massive three-roller lamination unit ensures high quality lamination across a 300 mm wide web.

  • Operator comfort

    • Fume exhausting

      A high efficiency exhaust system over the whole machine width reliably removes all fumes. The fume exhaust hoses are integrated within the machine and do not limit the view of the material being processed. The angle of the exhaust unit is adjustable to permit a high level of working hygiene during roller wash-up with ethylacetate.

    • Mixing and dosing unit

      Simple dosing solution for one-component and two-component glue with full automated refilling directly from barrels ensures smooth glue dosing with minimal manual handling. The mixing and dosing units have heated containers and the glue is dosed through heated hoses to the application head. Glue level is monitored by ultrasonic sensor. Output data from the sensor automatically manages glue dosing from the mixing and dosing unit to the laminator.

    • Recipe system

      All machines are equipped with a recipe system for job file storage as standard. Frequently used parameters such as speed, tension, glue dosing etc, are stored and accessed via touch screen. Up to 1000 jobs can be stored in the system for recall as and when required.

    • Roller wash-up

      Automatic roller wash-up of sleeves significantly reduces costs and saves the operator time at the end of each job.

  • Roll quality

    • Tension control

      Precise unwind tension is controlled by dancer rollers and AC servomotor to eliminate any deviation of the dance roller. The system enables precise tension control dependent on processed material characteristic. The complete solution is designed to process a wide range of substrates with tension range 20 – 400 N. Pre-set tension value is transmitted to the dance roller by electro pneumatic converter. Real dance roller deviation is compared with the required value after which the control systém increases or decreases braking torque of the AC servo motor according to detected difference. Short time tension deviations are eliminated by pneumatic resistance of the dance roller, long term deviations are controlled by PID regulation of braking torque. This system offers laminating of thin and difficult materials, high labour efficiency and operator comfort and minimal material waste at machine start-up and stop.

      Rewind tension control is ensured by the system according to roll diameter and Taper tension curve. This system ensures precise rewind tension control according to processed material chracteristic. It is designed to process a wide range of substrates with a tension range of 20 – 500 N. Tension control is acheived automatically through PLC, electro-pneumatic convertor and pneumatic dance roller. Tension deviations from the correct value are evaluated through software according to the dance roller position. Subsequently the system calculates pressure correction in the dance roller. For tension reduction it is possible to use linear or parabolic taper.
      The second part of the system controlling the rewind tension is “Taper press” a system for precise rewind tension control according to roll diameter. The system enables precise tension control dependent on processed material characteristic. The complete solution is designed to process a wide range of substrates within a tension range 20 – 500 N. Tension control is automatically realised through PLC, electro-pneumatic convertor and pneumatic dance roller. Subsequently the pressure to the pneumatic cylinders of the rewind lay-on roller is controlled by electro-pneumatic convertor. The rewind tension fault caused by passive resistance of lay-on roller is then compensated for.
      Both systems allow processing of a wide range of materials with high quality output rolls.

    • Three-roller lamination

      High quality lamination is ensured by a three roll system that ensures high rigidity, a small rubber contact area and a large angle of incoming material for perfect lamination and air bubble elimination in the final laminate. The rubber roller is lightweight and easy to remove.

    • Glue application

      Precise glue application rollers, high rigid mechanical stop of the dosing gap and fixed roller housing enable precise and constant glue dosing. A double-wall roller design for steady temperature distribution on the roller surface ensures steady glue application over the complete web width. Mechanical stops and precise pressure control ensure constant glue transfer at various speeds. A floating housing with roller weight compensation enables steady roller pressure and constant glue transfer over the complete web width.

    • Automatic web guiding

      Automatically controlled horizontal movement of unwind units and materials ensures high rewind quality of poor-quality input rolls. Automatic web guiding through ultrasonic sensor increases the ability to laminate low quality rolls at high speed. This means high efficiency of the susequent slitting process and less material waste.

    • Angle adjustable rollers

      Adjustable guide rollers at unwind and rewind balance the web in the transverse direction and contribute to high quality glue application, lamination and rewind. Even poor-quality (conical) input rolls can be successfully processed.

    • Cooling cylinder

      A cooling cylinder with manual water flow control ensures laminate cooling before rewinding and contributes in eliminating roll telescoping. Roll telescoping is caused by incorrect glue layers in the laminate and rewind tension curve course. The material is efficiently cooled through a cooling cylinder with wrap around path. This solution is important for paper laminates and extends the capability of the machine.

  • Safety and ergonomics

    • Intuitive control

      A touch screen control panel with user friendly interface indicates errors and displays job settings. An integrated auxiliary control panel at unwind and rewind permits fast and comfortable roll handling at machine start-up and stop.

    • Machine design and ergonomics

      Aesthetic and ergonomic design with high quality surfacing of all machine parts and compact footprint.

    • Safety features

      Machines are designed with maximum emphasis on operator safety. All rotating elements are secured by safety covers and are inaccessible during the operating cycle. Glue application areas with rotating rollers are secured by safety covers and inaccessable during operation.

    • CE standards

      All machines comply with and meet stringent European safety standards and codes. Operation and operator risk analysis are regularly assessed. Safety design elements are updated and new elements are added according to actual standards and code modifications.

    • Working hygiene

      We place great emphasis on maintaining working hygiene and material cleanness and this is a key design consideration and feature of the machine in areas where glue is in use.

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