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Flexographic printing presses

Designed for printing on paper, films, laminates and foils, our range of Soma Flex mid and wide web central impression presses can be supplied for solvent or water-based inks. All feature the latest developments in gearless flexographic printing press technology and include automated print deck positioning, sleeve technology, FASTBLADE chambered doctor blades, automatic INKSTORM wash-up and our patented Q-SHIELD thermal stabilisation system.


  • Printing decks 8/10
  • Print width 820/1050/1270/1450…
  • Print length 300/330/360/400-800…
  • Speed 400/500 m/min

The design concept of Optima and Optima2 is to produce flexographic printing presses covering up to 90% of normal production. Highly efficient rapid job change, with print consistency and reduction…



  • Printing decks 8
  • Print width 620/880/1050 mm
  • Print length 240/260 – 600 mm
  • Speed 350 m/min

Unique and clever concept of new flexographic printing press OPTIMA brings exceptional advantages for final users. Discover benefits of CLEVER concept and succeed against your competitors.