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Very successful Flexo Challenges Conference

Historically, Soma Engineering has a tradition of adding value and innovation to the world of flexographic printing. This tradition was reflected at the company’s May Open House with the official opening of its new Soma Globe technology and training centre. The Open House ran concurrently with a flexo conference being held by Soma at Lanskroun castle under the theme ‘Challenge the Future’ followed by live demonstrations in the afternoon at Soma Globe. The event attracted over 170 visitors from over 21 countries and featured both theory and practice with the focus on the demands of the end user rather than production equipment.


The conference addressed the issues faced by package printers and spot colour management which is becoming a more and more important factor in evaluating print quality as well as the on-going sustainability debate associated with problems of waste. The question as to what packaging manufactures can do in order to ensure sustainable production while meeting stringent buyer demands concerning spot colour requirements were the two main challenges investigated during the conference.


Together with the partner companies that form the Soma Globe Alliance, Soma introduced its new, easy to use spot colour management system with re-use of ink and 100% “in spec” colour guarantee offering the main benefits for printers. Visitors were able to witness complex print demonstrations where two difficult brand owner designs were run at a speed of 400 m/min. on a Soma PREMIA printing press. These featured a seven colour 150L/inch, frozen French fries job and a six colour, 168 L/inch, candy design. The demonstrations included job setting and exchange with Pantone colour matching as well as presentations of the latest version of Soma’s JOB MANAGEMENT system. “We want to demonstrate on real jobs how our innovative engineering technology can be of benefit in the daily business of our customers,” said Marketing Director, Petr Blasko during his opening address.


The second job addressed sustainability based on the principle ‘vision is more important than invention’ which foresees that the future of flexible packaging and flexography will eventually be completely green and sustainable. A new diaper design was produced using six colours and a resolution of 150 L/in with Aquaflex water wash plates to transfer water-based ink onto bio degradable substrates at 300 m/min using a Soma IMPERIA printing press. This print job demonstrated full traceability regarding the ‘non-use’ of solvents, plus the capability of using rain water to process the printing plates. The samples were printed on bio degradable and compostable films as well as paper.

A third demonstration featured the latest developments in slitting and laminating equipment.

Many visitors viewed the conference as memorable for its strong working program with unique speakers and topics based on live job examples with real solutions, from special line concepts to highly sophisticated and automated performance systems. Visitors experienced a unique event in a pleasant atmosphere combined with a professional show and a real passion for flexible packaging demonstrated by Soma employees.


“I would like to thank you very much for a very nice and well organized event” commented one visitor. “You have succeeded in passing a clear message to the world in that after 20 years, SOMA ranks first in the field of flexible packaging alongside its competitors. We have had such a good time with you that we will probably forget to leave on time, miss our flight and get back after spending the night in Vienna but who cares”


For more information on how the Soma Globe training and development centre can help your business, please contact Soma team:

Mr Martin Shejbal - Globe Centre partnership (shejbal@soma.cz)

Mr David Stevens - Pre-press expertise (stevens@soma.cz)

Mr Petr Blasko - Technical Questions (blasko@soma.cz)

Mrs Pavla Kusá - Commercial Questions (kusa@soma.cz)