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SomaFlex Optima – Short Run For Profit

Innovation at Soma has created a completely new press design concept, responding to the latest trends in the industry. As part of pre-project preparation, SOMA engineering experts addressed 50 major customers around the world and thoroughly analysed their opinions, suggestions and demands for modern flexographic printing presses.

In total, from its start, the development of the SomaFlex Optima has taken about 1.5 years, resulting in a model protected by several patents, which will premiere in October at the K 2013 International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber in Düsseldorf.

The main customer group at which the Optima is aimed are printers already in possession of medium-sized machines, but who at the same time need to respond to the ever increasing number of short and non-recurring jobs where larger machines gradually lose their profitability. The whole model is designed with an emphasis on minimum production print costs.

Available in 2 versions Optima 620 and Optima 820 mm web width

  •  Fast web changing from surface to reverse printing
  • Ability to up - grade to in line cold seal and slitting capability
  • Un compromised print quality from a small footprint , Gravure to Flexo conversion
  • Intelligent impression adjustment using Falcon II, reducing start up waste by 20%
  • Reduced electrical energy consumption by some 22%
  • Savings of 11% in gas usage for drying using a multiple fan and nozzle design
  • Ink cartridge system for lower ink requirements
  • Reduction in VOC emission of 45%
  • Total estimated operation saving of 18%

Mechanically, the development team focused on the rigid construction of the machine, especially the detailed properties of its functional heart – the printing module. A massive side frame in a uniform mono-bloc design with logically arranged crossbeams eliminates all vibrations occurring upon contact of rotating and fixed parts. The attribute "mono-bloc" describes the true nature of the side frame construction, where the complete side of the print module is cast, annealed, machined, painted and assembled as a whole, in order to ensure the maximum accuracy needed for high quality printing.

The Optima has been designed for a mechanical speed of 300 m/min. The average production speed of the machine when printing has a total ink consumption of approximately 8.7 g/m2 @ 250 m/min.

Finally the Soma Optima represents a machine which allows the market to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers at a reasonable cost. Without unnecessary time and economic losses, consequently allowing short run designs you can profitably complete small jobs, as the production cost will be reduced.


David Stevens, Market Development Manager