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SOMA hosted a delegation from Japan

SOMA held an Open House for Japanese delegation

12th May 2017, Lanskroun, Czech Republic

More than 30 attendees from Japan were presented at the Open House organized by SOMA in its facilities in Lanskroun under the auspices of its representative H. Shinagawa of K.K. IRISU.

At the beginning of this event Petr Blasko, Marketing Manager of SOMA, presented the up-to-date trends in SOMA's flexographic printing technology. The presentation was followed by a live job running demos on the Optima and Optima2 flexographic printing presses. During the machine demonstrations the main advantages of Advanced Bounce Control system and Zero Meter set up waste system were introduced. SOMA printed the same designs as during its year's Flexo Challenges Conference organized in April, that means difficult, „vibration-generating designs“ in realtime at up to 500 m/min, and performed the efficient job changeover and the new job setting with the ARUN system. Both designs were printed by solvent-based FlexiLam laminating ink. The small Optima ran a water based print on paper, using seven color ink with Expanded Gamut technology and a final lacquer coating.

We consider Japanese market as the one responsible to environment and future of our planet. All of our installations in Japan run with water based ink. The concept of Expanded Gamut Printing based on water based ink was found very interesting to the Japanese audience, especially due to dramatic savings on time & solvent consumption during job changeovers. The customers also appreciated highly sophisticated register and impression setting system ARUN, where zero meter of waste was produced to set register and impression. Japan means the high-tech but also environmentally responsible approach, which fits into SOMA's philosophy,“ concludes Mr. Blasko.

SOMA would like to thank everyone who attended this event.