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Flexo Challenges Conference 2017

26&27 April, 2017


This event is not conference with presentations only ! Each presentation is linked to real life DEMO in the afternoon. You will see three different designs or applications to be processed.

We will speak about trends, interesting case studies for brand owners, smart solutions for printers - discovering the latest technologies, sharing experience with others.

Demo Content:
We will print “bouncing design” at full speed - Advanced Bounce Control
We will change jobs producing Zero meters of set up waste - ARUN
We will print - spot colors, CMYK, Expanded Gamut designs
We will print solvent lamination ink on plastic & watter based ink on paper
We will print & coat & slit

For even more, please, see the program.


Absolute print stability = increased efficiency
Petr Blasko, SOMA
Expanded Gamut Printing - The new era of packaging printing
Kai Lankinen, MARVACO
One Team. One Vision. One Flint Group. Expertise delivered in a carefree package for Flexo
Roland Geiselhart, Dr. Joelle Bédat, Flint
Consistent Anilox Ink Transfer is key for printing Fixed Palette in Flexo
Bas van der Poel, Apex
Flexo Simplified & the Business Impact of Expanded Gamut Printing
Dan Pulling, ESKO
How plate surface texturization improves ink transfer
Doug Weiss, KODAK
How to make flexo business profitable
Simon Rose, CPS Flexible
In-line spectral color measurement in flexo printing
Dr. Christopher Kauczor, BST


Flint, Apex, Marvaco, Esko, Kodak, BST