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At DRUPA we introduced the wide web version of the SOMA OPTIMA flexographic press. Discover OPTIMA's five unique solutions that will dramatically enhance print quality, make-ready times, running costs and reduction in operational cost.

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Short run and flexible concept



Print width 620/800 mm 1050/1270 mm
Speed 300 m/min 400/500 m/min
Repeat length 240/260-600 mm 330/360-800 mm
Roll diameter 800/1000/1500 mm 800/1000/1500 mm
Roll weight 800/1000/2000 kg 800/1000/2000 kg

Sleeve technology: yes
Inks: Solvent-based, Water-based, UV cured
Print subtrates: LD PE, HD PE/PP, CPP, BOPP, PET, OPA, paper, laminate

The design concept of OPTIMA and OPTIMA2 is to produce flexographic printing presses covering up to 90% of normal production. Highly efficient rapid job change, with print consistency and reduction in running costs.



Discover Advanced Bounce Control system developed by SOMA and print your most difficult design at desired speed.


Singleblock frame

Printing unit frames are key press parts developed and designed with great emphases on optimal dynamics, rigidity and damping. Printing unit frame consists of two cast-iron single-block side frames with inserted screwed plate where the complete side of the print module is cast, annealed, machined, painted and assembled as a whole. This concept is unique in wide-web flexographic printing presses, in combination with in-house production and quality control guarantees the maximum accuracy needed for high quality printing.

Advanced bounce control

Soma’s in-built ‘Advanced Bounce Control’ system represents cutting-edge technology that eliminates ‘bounce’ at high press speeds to optimise print quality when using HD sleeves. This advanced system combines elements within the printing process with brand new engineering and enhanced technical features. These include composite mandrels, single block, cast iron print unit frames, innovative mandrel housings and a brand new sliding/positioning printing deck design. Robust printing cylinder support frames provide optimum vibration damping for HD quality print. Automated opening of printing cylinder housing for convenient operation during printing sleeve change over provide added value.


Cope with the short run challenge by using the new ZERO METER waste set-up system from SOMA. The register & impression setting will no longer be a challenge, just press the button and print.



Represents a unique off line solution which combines advantages of a plate mounter with fully automated device for plate topography measurement. Automatic driven features (motorized cameras or automatic mandrel positioning) support a manual plate mounting process and ensure high repeatable accuracy and enhanced efficiency of the plate mounting process for any number of plates and sleeves in one job. Scanned data is transferred into the chip located in the sleeve. When the sleeves are inserted into the printing unit, scanned data is sent to the control system and after initiation the fully automated system sets all active printing decks into impression and register in couple of minutes with zero ink and material waste. Automated process is completed and printing can start with production quality from start-up.


Challenge your competition by using the flexible design concept developed by SOMA. Step out of the crowd and implement up/down stream technologies into your press anytime you decide.


Downstream technologies

A unique and patent pending concept of the OPTIMA flexographic printing press is based on significant design detail – separation of printer zone (printing unit) and roll handling zone (winders). This element provides a maximum level of press customization to specific needs any time during press life time, not only during first order phase. It allows a flexible feedback to the current market demands and to implement in-line lamination, slitting, perforation, or upstream/downstream units with minimal additional costs. These units bring an additional added value to the flexible packaging, for example over printing varnish or a special coating.

ink savings

Reduce ink waste by using the unique Ink Cartridge System developed by SOMA. Save money by economic printing of spot colors or any expensive ink.


Ink Cartridge

The SOMA INK CARTRIDGE system is patent pending and advances the flexographic printing process by providing users with a competitive edge and a new tool that saves time and reduces costs and waste while maintaining profitability. The system is unique to SOMA and a first in CI press development and design. The system offers printers a means of reducing ink costs on printing jobs where expensive spot colours, special effect and metallic formulations are required. These high pigment inks are expensive consumables and reducing ink volumes and residual waste permits printers to maintain profit margins while meeting end user price demands. The Ink Cartridge system operates at a minimum level of one litre and at a maximum of three. Based on current experience an average of 17.9% in ink savings is achievable.

Online press

Implement the Press Monitoring System developed by SOMA and supervise press efficiency or energy consumption via Internet.


SOMA monitoring

SOMA PRESS MONITORING system is an advanced, modern system allowing a supervision and long-term monitoring of Optima2 flexographic press efficiency and energy consumption. Communication devices connected to the Internet allow the management to review press performance remotely from the office or anywhere in the world. After login in to a secure section of the service portal, basic monitored parameters including average speed, running distance and printing time are displayed on the screen. The visitor has an opportunity to track the individual parameters in numeric or graphic form for the selected period. The energy consumption is subsequently reflected in economic values in the selected currency and illustrates one of the valuable advantages of SOMA flexographic printing machines – low energy consumption.
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