ÚvodNovinkySuccessful Flexo Challenges Conference 2017

Successful Flexo Challenges Conference 2017

Successful Flexo Challenges Conference, vol. 4

Lanskroun, Czech Republic

At the end of April SOMA held fourth annual conference at the SOMA Globe, Training and Technology Centre. More than 100 attendees from all around the world participated – United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Pakistan, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The main attention was on trends and interesting case studies for brand owners and smart solutions for printers. 

In the spotlight were speakers who presented the latest innovations and solutions in various flexographic printing technologies. Petr Blasko of SOMA focused on the increased efficiency resulting from print stability. Consistent anilox ink transfer was presented by Bas van der Poel of Apex. Doug Weiss of Kodak also concentrated his presentation on ink transfer. Marvaco’s Kai Lankinen introduced the new era of packaging printing – expanded gamut printing. Afterwards, business impact and benefits of this phenomenon were analysed by Dan Pulling of Esko. Flint's Dr. Joelle Bédat and Roland Geiselhart spoke about a seamless package for Flexo. The presentations concluded with Dr. Christopher Kauczor of BST and his presentation on in-line spectral colour measurement in flexo printing. 

The theoretical insights were closely connected to the print demonstration of the Soma Flex Optima, Soma Flex Optima2 and ARUN. During the Optima2 demo the main advantages of Advanced Bounce Control system were presented – absolutely stable dot and bounce less printing of difficult (vibration-generating design) jobs at full speed. The second job by Optima2 was set using ARUN - Zero Meter set up waste system. Both designs were printed by solvent-based FlexiLam laminating ink. The small Optima ran a water based print on paper, using seven colour ink with Expanded Gamut technology and a final lacquer coating. The ink used was PremoNova. „We were pleased to show the best of what flexo technology is able to offer in terms of an ink, anilox, plate and press. Flexo means many substrates and different ink formulations. During the conference we printed on film and paper; with solvent as well as water based ink. Our main contribution, though, as press manufacturer is the absolutely stable dot due to our Advanced Bounce Control and of course the ARUN set up system for short runs,“ adds Petr Blasko, Marketing Director of SOMA. 

Dr. Peter Lechner, Global Sales Director of SOMA, summarizes: „This year's conference can be considered an important milestone in the history of SOMA. 11 months ago, at drupa 2016, we introduced the Optima2 for the first time to the world public. During the conference customers could see for themselves the quality of our machines. The response was really great. They were decision-making managers from leading companies who are buying flexo machinery and who have been paying attention to the development of SOMA since the launch of the Optima 820 in 2013. The conference was a great success for the SOMA team!” 

SOMA would like to thank their technology partners, namely Flint, Kodak, Esko, Apex, Marvaco, Reproflex, BST Eltromat and Zecher, for their great support and for pushing the boundaries of flexo technology still further.

For more information, please, contact Stepanka Pospisilova at pospisilova@soma.cz or go on SOMA web site http://www.soma-eng.com/news/

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Dinner at Prague restaurant

Presentations at Villa Globe, Mr. Petr Blasko, SOMA speaking

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